Discover the Secrets of

6 Figure Income
2 Hours Work Day

Confession of a Digital Warrior Who Earn a 6 Figures Income A Year,

While Living the Digital Warrior Lifestyle…

Working 2 Hours per Day

Hi, my name is Vinn Liu and I have been living a fun-time, successful Information-Product Seller for nearly 23 years.

Let’s begin with my story. I won’t bore you with how I started, or how I reached the lowest point of my life and how I turn all that around. I know you are not interested at this moment. (Ask me when you are and I will be glad to share)

What I can tell you is that the different types of lifestyle that I had the benefit of experiencing while working 2 hours each day. (I will admit that sometimes I work 1 hour, 6 hours, 10 hours and sometimes not at all.)

My point is that the Digital Warrior Lifestyle gives you choices. That’s the core of the lifestyle, I believe that’s what most people want.

Both Financially Rich and Time-Rich (also known as Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.)

With that power/freedom of choice, you are empowered to do what you desire.

Imagine if you could stop work right now, hope on a plane and travel to any location that you wish and take a short or extended holiday.

You can choose to work during the vacation or not to. You can choose to do volunteering work, support a charity, fight a cause, while continuing your business anywhere in the world.

That’s the Digital Warrior Lifestyle!

Discover the Secrets:
– A new Job Class and why you should be excited about it. (Page 3)
– 8 Different Types of Lifestyle. (Page 6)
– The Real Secrets to Working just 2 Hours per Day. (Page 7)
– Core Concept of the Digital Warrior Lifestyle. (Page 8)
– Concept of Money-Rich and yet Time-Rich. (Page 9)
– How to live the Lifestyle NOW and not in 10 years. (Page 9)
– Why Having more Cash is not Money-Rich. (Page 10)
– How to Leverage Your Resources, Effort, TIme and Money. (Page 10)
– How to Scale Your Business (Page 11)
– Discover the 4 Main Core of Building a Business. (Page 12)
– What is D******** A**** of Marketing (Page 13)
– Why Marketing is Actaully to Make Sales Obsolete. (Page 14)
– What is Sales in it’s most Simplistic Form? (Page 14)
– How to Really Pick Your Niche (Page 15)
– How to Discover Your Hungry Target (Page 15)
– How to Create Demand instead of Chasing Demand. (Page 16)
– The Uncanny Core Concept (Page 16)
– The Lifeblood of Any Business. (Page 17)
– Why You Want to Build Multiple Business.
– Why building a Business should be Fun.
– Why You Need a Reactivation System (Page 18)
– Discover the Lucrative Power Hour (Page 19)
– Specialty of a Digital Warrior: Why is it the same as picking en Elective (Page 21)

What Exactly Do You Get?

You get this no-fluff 20-page PowBook publication that shares everything I’ve learned about how to live the Digital Warrior Lifestyle… Making a 6 figures income while working only 2 hours Daily.